Carole Samaha & Mario Reyes - Laily Lai

A nice video clip by Carole Samaha in Morocco.


I first thought that it was Fez, but then it turned out that it’s Marrakech.

[quote=LallaAïcha]OMG THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL SETTING, Makes me want to fly to Marrakech right here right now =)
The only thing that ruins the scenery and “visual aesthetics” is the woman, Carole Samaha. Not being mean or anything, i think she’s pretty actually (just like the other plastic singers), but her outfit and HERSELF really, doesn’t really match the context.

BTW the guy sings “habibi inta habibi”, i hope i heard wrong coz why would a man tell another man that HE IS HIS HABIB =O unless he’s …

Anyway the clip is amazing and she made the right choice by filming it in MOrocco, i heard that the movie Kingdom of Heaven was filmed in Morocco too, i mean why not?

Thanks for sharing SM[/quote]

Indeed LallaAicha, Carole Samaha looks a little bit out of context. If she wore a beautiful Moroccan Caftan, she would fit more in the clip. But no, she chose a boring jeans. Blah!

Anyways, I wanted to tell you that it’s not strange for a man to sing addressing a masculine. It’s nothing personal, it’s just poetic. In many video clips, you’d hear a male singer like singing for a man, but he has a girl featured in the clip. Even Abd El7alim 7afez used to do the same thing.

Thanks for clearing that up!! :smiley: