can you translate this text for me please?

Hi there,
One of my wedding photos had a comment left on it. I don’t understand it at all. Is there anyone who can translate it for me?

Alf mabrok mn 9lbi wlah ntmna lik sa3ada lha9i9ya tstahl kol khir tbrklah ki tla3to f les photo momkin nkono ra asdi9aa ila man momkin saraha mnin chft tsawr b9a fya lhal mais mn ba3 wlah ta tmnit lik lkhir.

Thousand congratulations from my heart. I swear. I wish you a real happiness. You deserve the best, and thanks allah how the pcitures came out. We can be friends if possible. The truth, when I saw the pictures I felt bad.But after, I swear. I wished you the best.

Thank you so much for translating this for me. It means alot to be able to understand all that is said. Insha allah soon I will know these things for myself.