Can You Pls Traslate Please Help......................................

ANNA al hartaniya 3afak mabritakch t9al9i 3liya rak 3ziiiiza THE LAST ONE SORRY

Err… What’s Anna for in the beginning of your post? Is it part of the message to be translated?

I have no idea what al hartaniya means! I have heard this word before, but I don’t remember what it can possibly mean. It’s probably some funny word used to tease that person, but it can be a bad word as well, I am not sure. I hope someone else can understand it.

You ****! Please, I don’t want you to be mad at me, you are so dear to me!

Someone please fill in the blanks if you know what al hartaniya means.

I just found this:

Hratines, plural of Hartanie (m), Hartaniya (f). It’s a word in Hassaniya, the Arabic dialect spoken in Mauritania, and it’s used to refer to descendants of slaves or freed slaves.

Oh, so the person was actually using this word to call a “colored” person, I guess.