can women participate in Hajj????

just surious, sorry if its the question seems stupid

Of course !!
Don’t be sorry.

u meant curious ? …no big deal we’re used to mistypings, anyway…

yeah woman can participate in hajj, in fact she has to, but only if she can; i.e just like man.

As you might have already known, Islam is built on 5 pillars, the 5th one being “visiting the house (kaaba) for whoever is able” , & able means money, health, & someone to watch your responsibilities while you’re off. other than that you’re exonerated.

Note : according to sunnah (prophet’s teachings), there are some deeds that people can do to have the same reward as of that of hajj, that’s other way of getting the reward if you’re not able to travel to Makka, KSA.

aww sorry, yeha i mean ‘curious’ xD
well, thx for the answer i was just wondering about it cuz i never saw any woman when i saw some photos from Hajj :smiley: