Can someone translate?

Anta bitgolilha ahki ma3aha w golilha ano mabidich ahki ma3aha

Habibi tsbah 3ala khir golilha ano ana 3arfa anak zogha bas hiya moch 3arfa anak mohim 3andi

Golilha ano hiya badha t3azab nafsha robama lanha 3arfa anak mabithibha

Thank you! :slight_smile:

This sentence doesn’t make much sense, but I’ll translate it as it is:
You (m.s) tell her to talk with her/me, and tell her that I don’t want to talk with her.

I already translated this one for you. Don’t you get back to your requests?

Tell her that she wants to torture herself probably because she knows that you don’t love her.

The sentences are attempted to be written in Egyptian, but it’s clear that it’s not an Egyptian speaking.