can someone translate this for me please

please can someone translate this for me please? ‘wach kat3rafni 3lamn kathdar tina toi ? jawbni blz’

Hey sarah, the translation is :
“do you ever know what you’re talkin’ about (person) ? Answer please”

he said “kat3rafni” so i think he meant " do u ever know me ! who are u talkin about ? answer me please.

yes you’re right… so he/she forgot the question mark (?).
So you’re right paperbird the translation is :
wach kat3rafni = “Do you know me/Do we know each other?”
3lamn kathdar tina toi ? = “Who you think you’re talkin’ to ?”

Thanks Paperbird !! :wink:

We should note that the person is a northern moroccan.

This is nothing realy …

Times ago i used to be an active member, & there were a lot of other active friends here, we used to happily give detailed explannations & lessons to askers & learners, sometimes one ask about one single word & it results to a thread full of language, history & tradition infos from which all the others learn.
I wasn’t bored or tired at all till late months when a lot of people became “interested” of what Moroccans are saying on FB, & every foriegn girl wanna know who is his Moroccan husband chatting with on there !!!
I even sometimes ask myself, what on earth is so important about the damn Moroccan “k7al rass” that every one wanna spy on their messages, dude ! this must be a CIA job or a Mossad’s !
That’s mainly what got me off the forum for months, i knew whenever i’d log in i’d find a question to translate a conversation. the problem is not in translating, but most of them are stupid meaningless messages between few emptyminded Moroccan favebookers…& some are even rude !

lol i love when he says jawabni blz with a ‘b’…freaking insolite