Can someone translate from English to Moroccan please

I would love the help of anyone who can translate this for me to Darija please.

"I have nothing more to say. I thought of a million things to tell you to defend myself but I am tired of defending myself to someone who doesn’t care about me. I wish you well but you are definitely not the person for me.

I gave you 3 years of honesty, love and devotion. I was the person that was there for you when nobody else was. I’m tired of proving to you that i. The best man for you as a husband or a friend.

I.hope the people that you keep in your life make you feel wanted and loved as much as I did.


ma 3andi hta haja nzid ngolha , fakert f melyon dyal lhwayj bach ngolhom lik bach ndafa3 3la rasi walakin ana 3yiit mandafe3 3la rasi l chi waheda makathtemch biya , kantmna lik lkhir walakin nti machi salha liya .
3titek 3 snin dyal saraha wa lhob wa sber , kont m3ak meli hta wahd makan m3ak , 3yit mander hadchi lik ka ahsen rajel bnsba lik ka zawj awla sadik .
kantmna nas lidayrin bik kaykhalwk t7esi brask metloba wa kaybghiwk bhal lidert ana .
beslama .

our instagram page for darija , we offer free translation too .

Thank you so much. I’ve followed your page too.

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I think the message was destined to a man not a woman!

yes of course and my translation : is for a man .

Well I am a man but this was destined to be sent to a woman.
Hope this applies for your translation because the woman told me it was very insulting!

I edited the message , its was only 4 words changed .
If she said it’s insulting , think of what you wrote .
We just translate it for you as it is .
You can check someone else about that and he will tell you that the translation is correct .

The translation is correct, it’s the idea behind it what might be insulting for her.