can someone please translate this? >...............

I think my BF is cheating on me please translate this!!!

salam ca va 3lik kolchi bikhir kidara m3a saha ,amdra ach darti m3a l9raya kolchi mazin ba3da lmohim tahli fi rasak ok yalah bsalam 3lik mara mara sawli 3lina ok ana machi 3dok ok we friend hanya ok yalh bye bslama 3lik …

ntya wahd chitana

Thank you :slight_smile:

Here is the translation, The recipient is a girl in the both messages.

1- “Hello, How are you ? is everything fine ? what’s up with your studies, is all great ? Take care of yourself and goodbye, ask after me from time to time, I’m not your enemy, I’m your friend, no problem, ok, bye…”

2- This one is a tough one because it can have different meanings, but I think he means " you’re a crafty one !" or as we say in english " a smarty pants" :smiley:

Thank u so much :slight_smile: