Can Someone Please help me translate this into english?

lm9adir atgit rakm oth syawgayo
layn3al giss ahbod iynam

yih nhd oho ?

firstly that’s berber, not darija (moroccan arabic)… i don’t know if we have any members around who can help.

yih nhd oho? = yes or no? (i think)

edit: i just noticed layn3al there, and that means “God curse…”

hmmm, thanks anyway.

daba ghadi nhadar blanglais bach njaoubou :stuck_out_tongue:

my friend, there are some ppl here that speak some tachelhit, give some time and check back if you cant find the answer anywhere else mar7aba bik

yeh ill keep checking coz im really curious :slight_smile:

umm i met a boy who told me what it means…its not nice :frowning:

aw ): what’s it mean?

I dont actually know for sure, because the person that told it to me said he swears its not bad…but then he wont tell me what it says it pretty much means a big eff you to me they said but i dont know…stupid language barrier i wish i could speak it.

man, and i know what you mean :confused: hate the language barrier…
one day you’ll learn it and you can give 'em a big eff you back! :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: haha thanks me too, I have a willing teacher now.

yeah!!! :^^:

my friend says its tachel7it (so southern)…

lm9adir atgit : you are “hard” or “you are a source of problems”

rakm oth syawgayo : I will hit you with my head

“llayn3al giss ahbod aynam” : a sort of insult “God will damn the stomach of your mother”

and then yes or no as lalla aicha translated for you

i know what youre saying, i REALLY wish i could speak tachel7it too…unfortunately there is no easy way…u just have 2 put in the time :slight_smile:

since my mom is chel7a it’d be pretty sweet to be able to speak/understand it :stuck_out_tongue:

now its all coming together…the bottles of water…the yelling :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahaha yah think?!