Can someone help me translate from ENGLISH TO RIFIAN?? :-)

I would like to translate tris to the moroccan berber language riff…

“I think about you a lot, and I miss you…”

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would like to translate it for you, but i know nothin’ abt rifyan… i’ll try to help you :°)

I m not a rifiniya:roll:, but thanks to some friend, I can translate it :ok:

I think about you a lot, and I miss you : tfakkagh dayak attas ,wahchaghchak attas

good night nd sweet dreams!

Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

Wow, it’s a very different dialect!! :smiley:

Will he understand if i just say twahachtek??

no blem , is soooo dif, i think that he can understand u, if u say him just twa7chtek,
i think that it resemble a little …

any thing that u want and in any dialect :wink:

cool…we Moroccans always been known for handeling several languages & dialects :slight_smile:

paperbird@… meghareba homa hado , kanhedro jami3 loghat , :wink:
j voi k té d asilah, alors on é d voisin,´é moi chui d tanger …lol :ok:

Me gusta tanjere,in fact i gusta all northern air…

i’m not 100% zaylashi, but yemma zaylashya, but stil i love Asilah more than Casa :ok:

a mi tb m gusta mucho asila, y practicamente ahi paso todo el verano, pork mi tia vive ahi ,
ademas hay una gran diferencia entre casa y asilah, " una es grande y llena d gente, y la otra chica y muy pocas personas y practicamnt todos se conocen …

ana rah i ve never visited casa …:stuck_out_tongue: