Can I get any translation in English on this please? It’s very important

Sa7bi 9eleb 6 9 raha haad sata diali w n3ele chetan ra7na wlah blad w7da bla mant3aybo

Wa siir tmchi t9weed al9laawi dwiinaa m3aak w Ntaya m97ben m3a kerek 5lina al9lawii dayriin b wjed lblaad ana raah weld fes w haadi 3chirtii seft laysam7 liha w sfff geleb w kon temerg baach nb9aw kamlin foser w mazal kandwi m3ak w kanseref m3ak b rojola w kon rajl bla man9elbo l2aya

The text is full of swearing words. It is very vulgar. In short, It looks like that text is basically about a person warning another person not to get closer to his girl. it seems that the other person is persistent and keeps sending messages or contacting the girlfriend of the other. That’s why, the author of the text has used offensive language in the second part of the text.

P.S : I am from the same city where the author of the text lives. ) funny coincidence, isn’t it?

Oh dear, that’s not good :pensive: but thank you so much for replying, I have been looking for months for someone to translate this.

Thank you.

I’m sorry to hear that. PLease let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

I can happily help you with exact translation anytime anywhere if you need to. PLease message me whenever you wish (for free, of course).

Hi again…
I’m sorry to bother you but I may have an audio piece that needs translating… I think it was a joke sent to me but I’m a little confused by it…: may you be able to help with that
Please if possible??