Can anyone translate this please!

Hi Can anyone traslate this: "salut hbibi hana sift lik taswirti avec le voile parce que je l’ai mis ça fais 1 an daba iwa nta mazal mabriti tsift liya la photo dyalek nchoufo rir kamartak ki walate a l masmoume " THANKS!!

Hey baby, i sent you a picture of me with the veil cuz i made it it’s been one year now.
so, you still do’t wanna send me a pic of you ? i just wanna se how your face has become, you mean/obscene (guy)

just adding
she means she started wearing the scarf a year ago

ow yes :ok: thank friends

Can someone translate this “nssitini gouli lia be3da 3” THANKS!!!

u forget me , tell me first 3

i forgot/ u made me forget, tell me…

actually ‘’ u made me forget " makes more sense … thnx PB
but i forgot = nssit !!!

You forgot me = nsitini
You made me forget = nssitini
but Moroccans tend to use double s everywhere, even if there is no chedda. So bother translations are possible, depending on the context