can anyone translate some frazes for me??

how to say in darija :

i’m waiting for u -
hurry up-
i hate you stupid boy -
sorry, i didn’t mean to make u angry/sad/worried -
look please don’y worry, i’ll move there but nothing will change between us -
what are you doing? -
shut up (polite) -
i can’t wait to see you again -
you mean a lot to me -
stop being naughty/nasty -
please remember what i’ve told u -
i’ll be fine, no worries -
look everything will be okay -
hug me -
don’t angry with me ! -
i’ll kick your ass (polite, joking) -
now -

bad boy -
fool -
u’r stupid -
u’r amazing -
u’r annoying me-
u’r an apple of my eye -

i will be grateful if someone will be able to translate them for me … xx