Can anyone tell me how to make RFeesa?

I lived by a Moroccan family from Marrakesh and they would serve RFeesa. They used leftover bread, though I think it is also made with leftover Msimmn. I know it has chicken, smen, lentil and black pepper. But can anyone give me more details? Shukran bezzef!!

Hello HZanan and welcome to the forums :).
At home, we never make rfeesa with leftover bread, otherwise I don’t call it rfeesa! Even with msemmen, it doesn’t have to be leftover. Actually, women prepare both msemmen (or melwi) and the “sauce” the same day.
If rfisa is made with bread then it’s called ttrid. Or at least this is the case in this part of the kingdom. :slight_smile:

I am in a hurry now, but will hopefully get back to you with a recipe soon.

Still in a hurry I think, because no recipe of Rfisa :huh:

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And recipes are not the most important thread on this site, we prefer eat rather than cooking, even a whole camel ! (look at the thread "what did you just eat) :mdr::mdr::mdr:

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Are you looking for the recipe too?

rfeesa yummy but dont know how to cook it lol :smiley:
but think they make it all fresh the same day