can anyone help translate this for me please!

the following is a piece of a conversation between my husband and 2 females, the picture attached to conversation was titled ‘a private gift’ …

(thanks) ****** 3la 9awl ****/ smitha ****** / (nice) / (u r welcome) al mgarad / katfarnsi / ?3driha a **** raha mazal skrana wm3arfatch kifach tanta9 smity / katsabar frasak / nn 3adi 7ssen mansmik wnkhsser lik tbwi9a dailak…

thanks in advance for anyones help with this.


Isn’t Kawkaw/Kawkawa a nickname for someone named Kawtar? I’m just asking out of curiosity since we call my littlesister Kawtar that :slight_smile:

hi there, your right :slight_smile: that makes perfect sense, thats the name of the one of the girls and thanks for your reply.