Caftan 2009 Event in Marrakech

Marrakech - The 13th “Caftan” (traditional outfit) event, held Saturday at the initiative of the French-language magazine “Femmes du Maroc” on “Africa, the East, the West,” seeks to highlight the Moroccan and oriental haute couture.

The event sought to showcase the innovation and artistic creation in this traditional dress.

It brought together noted designers of the Moroccan Caftan, and artisans who made it possible for the Caftan to preserve its original and traditional aspects, even though innovations are constantly made to it.

A fashion show was held to showcase the new styles and designs which reflect the diversity of the Moroccan culture.

As many as 12 designers presented their new designs in this event, which was marked by a color pink, giving it a feminine touch.

The event, which started in 1996, has given rise to a significant evolution in the Caftan, thus enabling it to go beyond national borders and enjoy a world renown.