Assalamu alaykum.

Can you please help me a translation/transliteration for cabbage? I learned cabbage is krum from my in-laws, but I understand mkuwr (mkwwr) is also used. Is one more popular than the other? What is the correct pronunciation for mkwwr?

Krum is also the word used in the Moroccan Arabic phrasebook, while mkuwr is in the Peace Corp’s Moroccan Arabic textbook. Other than those two references and mkwwr on Speak Moroccan, I can’t seem to find either word on the web.



well personally i cant make difference between two things : mkewer and lkhoss :frowning:

i looked for a pic for cabbage , and i find it mmmm mkewer … i think cabbage = mkewer

Lkhss is lettuce. Maybe mkewer is a better spelling for cabbage. These transliterations can be so variable!

yep … in my region we call it mkewer … dunno about other regions

In the north they refer to the water malon (green battikh) as “kwwar” too.

In Tanja, no doubt: krom.

I dunno about mkuwar