bye 2009 welcome 2010

what is the best thing that happened to u in 2009 …

lollll u can share also the worst thing hhhhhh … for lalla aisha i already know hhhh :stuck_out_tongue: anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wuahahha

The best thing happened to me in 2009 is that i’ve become more close to Allah due to a period when i had a lot of free time, in fact all my time was free then…

The worst thing was Ghazza masacre.

thnx for sharing :wink:
yallah the others come on mat7chmouch

ok im stuck btw 2 things 4 moi: Getting good results in college and goin to a good uni or Algeria qualifying 4 the WC woot woot :smiley:
worst thing: agree with papers, nuffin bad happened to me personally but the gaza massacre was hearbreaking and the worst :cry:

awe congratulations :slight_smile: … inchallah u go to the uni u want :stuck_out_tongue: the one in london maybe lol

yep you know my worse encounter in 2009 already
and my best… hmmmmm i need to think about it, there are many things that happened.

dude im already at the uni i wanted, in London haha :roll:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok j la retir :stuck_out_tongue: