"By the way"/"Au fait"

keifesh kan9olo?

u got me :smiley: i dont know looll
personally i use the french word … and in darija i use : ‘’ ah be3da …"

“by the way” is often (if not always) expressed by “7agga” or “tfakkart” or “3la sirt…”

  • “7agga” comes from Foss7a “7a99” (truth/right), 7agga is the most common & natural equivalent used for “by the way”. & it’s used in cases similar to those in English.

  • “tfakkart” simply means “i (have just) remembered”, it has the same meaning in Darija but it’s sometimes used as BTW.

  • “3la sirt …sth…”, it means “speaking of …sth…”, when something is mentioed that reminds u to somethin else, this can be replace “7agga”.

Note: the Fos7a is “bi l moonasaba” (literally=with the occasion, used as=BTW)

What Madridista said (aji b3da) means “come here” (not come HERE literally), but that expression used sometimes in English (i think) to replace BTW.

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah duuuuude fekertini f 7gga ( aka 799a for girls :stuck_out_tongue: ) i use this one … its a good one , it can always replace the english BTW

3a fekra too mid eastern? :unsure:

yeah Lalla, 3ala fikra is middleEastern, we don’t say it here.

ok good, ty