buying an apartment in Agadir

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I’m planning to buy an apartment in Agadir as a financial investment and a place to spend holidays - one room, the cheapest possible, just for me. I’ve checked the prices but I still don’t know how much it costs to maintain an apartment in Agadir, including rent, water, electricity, internet, all that… Could you please inform me about this? How much, more or less, should I expect to pay monthly? Also, is it easy to have the Internet installed at home? It’s necessary for my work.

I hope someone here will be able to help me.

Thanks so much in advance! :ty: Take care :slight_smile:

Hello Epcia.
Have you been to Morocco before? Well see, we’ve made great leaps in terms of technology, I believe. Internet access is very easy to get, provided that you’re not in some small village or remote area that are not covered by internet providers. You can have a basic/slow internet connection for 99 dh/month. The more you pay, the faster the internet.
For water and electricity, it depends on you, really. I wouldn’t like to give you inaccurate information, but my guess is that living alone, you won’t pay more than 200 dh for water, and 200 dh for electricity. Now please don’t take my word for it.

How does the real estate market look like right now? Any difficulties for non-Moroccans to buy property in Morocco?

i didnt get u … u wanna buy or rent a flat ?

Like I said, I want to buy it and live there for some time during the year and the rest of the year - rent it out to someone. That is my plan, at least.

First, find out why do you really want to live in Morocco. And then live in Morocco, and see if your life now is, better or worse or the same than before you moved to Morocco, You can start by renting a small place in Agadir and go from there, and if you’re not Moroccan. I suggest, you look into the right of non Moroccan nationals to property ownership in Morocco. Best wishez