British/Moroccan marriage: your view, please.

Is it considered haram for a married Moroccan man to have friendships with single women?
My husband has been contacting women (particularly Arab/Moroccan) on Facebook and other websites. He says they’re just friends but he doesn’t share this with me, and I’d prefer to know who his friends are.
I found out he met up with a woman from his home town, who he met on Facebook, on a recent trip home to visit his family.
He’s always told me that it’s very unusual to have single friends once you’re married (but maybe that rule applies only in Morocco). I think the internet is causing a lot of problems in marriages.
I’m British (non-white) and live with my husband in the UK. I don’t know if I can trust him anymore, even though he’s said there’s nothing to be concerned about.
What do you think?

Im not British but I am also married to a Moroccan man, we live in US (I also come from Islamic background), we’ve been together for 5 yrs now, since it became obvious that our relationship got serious both me and my husband stopped hanging out with single friends of opposite sex. We have some single friends but they are mutual friends. I would never tolerate and let my husband go and meet other single women especially the ones from the internet. I would question why is he seeking a woman friend when he already has me in his life. Although, the honesty of your husband is very appreciated, if he’s not hiding it from you then there is probably nothing’s going on. But I think its very inappropriate.