well guys tomorrow ill travel to morocco :^^: i know ur envying hihihi especially mimi :stuck_out_tongue: ( well dont worry i wont eat chebakia )
i’ll try to get connected there even though i wont have time … ghadi ntwe7echkom bezzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafffffffffffffff :cry: :cry: :cry:

lalla aisha : i know ur soooooo happy now , u’ll have some freedom in the forum :s but plz dont make a lot of posts :no: i still wanna stick at ur back :hap:

bye everyone … 3la llah fach nrje3 nl9akom khrejto tri9 :mdr:

have a good time a enemy diali… tri9 salama nchalla

you got it right im soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fr7ana i can’t explainnnnn :bounce: and about the posts, i’ll actually speed up so we have at LEAST a 1000 difference between us :smiley: yayyy

be on your best behaviour while in Morocco!!
bsalama 3lik

BRB?.. right back? hope not.
yalla salam



awwww have fun a mad lucky u :wink:
yay no more fighting anymore there’ll be some peace hehe
tc w tri9 salama inshallah salaaaaaaaam :hap:

Maddie gonna see Mami, wow, salemly 3liha so much anyway.
tari9 ssalama a sat, and happy visit inchallah :slight_smile:

awww, you’re visiting Morocco, pile poile m3a shta, jiti tfiti lbounani wla?

I think that they are all listening to you, and they didn’t post much since you left… Come on girls, we want mad to be lost in all the topics and posts created in his absence mwahahaha

don’t let me on this mission alone, t7arrko

[quote=Darija-Lover]. Come on girls, we want mad to be lost in all the topics and posts created in his absence mwahahaha

don’t let me on this mission alone, t7arrko[/quote]
we’re trying a benty, it’s an all girls team now… besides a few notables cough. we can’t “blah blah” as good as mad so we need to make an effort to spark some bubbly convos out of nowhere :hap:

oh come on! ‘bla bla’ ing is what girls do best, hit a good subject and watch us bla bla away haha :wink:

shame on you, mini, bla bla is what we do best? :no:

Actually science confirms that, i read somewhere that the “talking” cells in a female’s brain is X times more than in a male’s

LOL really papers? wow haha
oh come DL what r girls known for?? talking, whether its gossiping or just talkin lol

ok ok ladies do much more talking than dudes, but we don’t necessarily just “blah blah”… blah blah means empty talk, we talk about substance i tell ya :wink:

yeah true…ok i take back what i said…damn i just dissed my own kind :cry: sm7 liiiiiiiiii :unsure:

thnx guys :^^:
im really enjoyin it even though the weather sux :stuck_out_tongue:
loooooooooooooooooolllll at the bla bla story … ur really funny dudes :slight_smile:

so guys i remember someone asked about the rainbow in darija and we all said thats 9Aws 9uza7 which is 100% fus7a … so today i asked my aunt and she said they used to say ‘’ 3roust chta ‘’ to the rainbow …
im not sure if its used in all the regions of morocco
btw in tamazight they use the same thing for rainbow ( 3roust chta ) its translation ofcourse but she doesnt know who copied it from the other she said

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!! :smiley:

3ach men chafek…twaheshnak!!! :hap:

well im sure the weather doesnt suck as much as it does here lol :wink:

miss u too
yeah true but i was coming to enjoy the sun … all what i found snow , rain and wind :s

LA, glad you understood my point.
Mini, glad you got what I meant :wink:

Mad, safi rja3ti? It snows in Meknes? Hia njiw ndirou ski

don’t remember when we had the qawso qoza7 discussion either, but 3roust chta rings a bell

hahahahahha no not in meknes lol im now near ifrane :stuck_out_tongue:
about the rainbow ta ana ma39eltch in which thread exactly