what does it mean?

my mom just called my sister that, but she doesnt know what it is in english :stuck_out_tongue:
now i’m extremely curious and want to know!!!

chokran in advance :slight_smile:

“Bo7at/Bo7atya” is a person who simulates something which’s not real. (ie: saying “it hurts” when it’s does not, and so…)

…also like saying they’re sick so they don’t go to school or sth like that…& other similar cases.


Not exactly

how different?

as far as i know, a faker is someone who create a lie or make up a story…or pretends…

am i right ?

fake 1 (fk)
Having a false or misleading appearance; fraudulent.

  1. One that is not authentic or genuine; a sham.
  2. Sports A brief feint or aborted change of direction intended to mislead one’s opponent or the opposing team.
    v. faked, fak·ing, fakes
  3. To contrive and present as genuine; counterfeit.
  4. To simulate; feign.
  5. Music To improvise (a passage).
  6. Sports To deceive (an opponent) with a fake. Often used with out.
  7. To engage in feigning, simulation, or other deceptive activity.
  8. Sports To perform a fake.

aka as an imposter, impostor, pseud, pseudo, role player, sham, shammer, pretender, fake, fraud, beguiler, cheater, deceiver, trickster, slicker, cheat, or name dropper

Pretender…i think that’s the closest one.

nice, good look!

thanks you guys :slight_smile:
it all makes sense now !

nice expression, i fit the bill…when i was young lol :roll:

lol same…my sister is definitely a bou7atiya since she always pretends there’s something wrong with her so she doesnt have to do something :stuck_out_tongue:

the time i heard my mom call her that, she was complaining about her back hurting from lifting boxes in school just so she didnt have to pick up the mess she left in her room