borooj in Moroccan culture....

If someone can enlighten us regarding this topic it would be great… just curious to know what Moroccans (girls in particular) think about boroj (Starsigns/Horoscopes), I mean do they believe them or make assumptions about people because of them… all the details ^^

I’m not talking about seeing the future or anything, just about personality traits assumptions with regards to the borj of a person… and i don’t even know if i’m saying the right word coz I don’t know what they call it in Arabic or Moroccan for that matter.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

in achminfar9 culture we call it LAME…the whole thing, future personality traits whatever :PP

Moroccans don’t believe in astrological signs, well some people take pleasure to read the astrological page in magazines, but they read them only by curiosity, they don’t believe that what is said would happen for real.

If they happend to be in a magazine I’m reading, then I’ll read it just for fun, don’t believe in them.

The plural of a Borj is Abraj, & we don’t have this adiction at all !! at least nobody judges others for which month/horoscope they were born within…

I personnaly used to actually believe some of what’s written in the daily horoscopes, in which some stuff are true & some are not…i was fed up with reading “today you’re meeting the love of your life” :huh:

I’m Taurus, i don’t remember giving a Zidanic head butt to anyone though…

Mohammad peace be upon him said : " kathaba l’monajjimoona walaw sada9o " i.e " liers are the astrologists even if what they say becomes true "

i’m actually just wondering about the personality traits and whether, for example, a pisces is seen to be emotional coz of his or her starsign, i’ve been getting a lot of pressure lately to believe in this mumbo jumbo but i don’t know if my brain can handle this load of … :smiley:

anyway thanks guys & girlies

I hear this a lot from Aussies !

coz we invented it :hap: i think. :unsure:

I hear this a lot from Aussies ![/quote]
we say it too :wink: along with codswallop, gibberish and others…well i dont use these words particularly lol :roll:

it’s not that hard to look up the etymology of most words/phrases, and u might learn something new, like you are using a racist phrase and even worse claiming it for the white western country u live in!!! :PPPP

The phrase probably originated from the Mandingo name Maamajomboo, a masked dancer that took part in religious ceremonies. Mungo Park’s travel journal, Travels in the Interior of Africa (1795) describes ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ as a character, complete with “masquerade habit”, that Mandinka males would dress up in order to resolve domestic disputes.[1] In the 18th century mumbo jumbo referred to a West African god.[citation needed]

According to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary:

Mumbo Jumbo is a noun and is the name of a grotesque idol said to have been worshipped by some tribes. In its figurative sense, Mumbo Jumbo is an object of senseless veneration or a meaningless ritual.

Western usage of the term may have formerly carried a degree of racial stereotyping, evoking the casually racist belief in the gullibility of the supposedly childlike Africans, which was widely held when this term was coined. Now, however, this former connection has been forgotten, and it has become a generic term for meaningless ritual or routine.


i kno right…had 2 drop some knowledge on u…dont be sad. and dont hit me. :stuck_out_tongue: