Book Question

Anyone ever heard of a book called Shnoo the Hell is Going on Hnaa?

It gets two very short 5-star reviews on Amazon and I’m curious if it’s actually any good or those two just didn’t know what they were doing.


another member mentioned it a while ago
can’t tell if it’s good

speakmoroccan is good though :smiley:

Yeah, but I’d like something I can pick up and read when I like.

People would look at me oddly if I walked around with a Moroccan in a bag.

lol za3ma meant the website speakmoroccan, not an actual moroccan in your bag… yes that’s no doubt an odd thing, if you’re not in Morocco… :stuck_out_tongue:

there are heaps of books around, there’s actually a peace corps manual somewhere on the forum that u can download and start learning vocab and grammar… it’s pretty good, and faboooor (free)

I downloaded the Peace Corps book a while ago - I wondered if other sources were more comprehensive or answered grammar questions that are not answered in the Peace Corps manual.

i doubt that a book with this title is going to be comprehensive or organized enough for you bro judging by your posts…but cant judge a book by its cover!

u should buy it and post a review!