blach 3lik w ...

what do the following mean:

  • blach 3lik

  • aller degage, bel ma w chettaba tal 9a3 lb7ar

  • i know degage means something close to “get lost” but i wnat to know what exactly this person has said*

shoukran bzaf w barakallahu fikom :slight_smile:

hi lalla aisha ,
well thats not friendly at all looolllll

blach 3lik = u dont have to do it , or sth like that

the other yeah it means get lost

wa allaho a3lam

Blach : No need to. We don’t usually add 3lik to it.

Bel ma w chettaba tal 9a3 lb7ar is a Moroccan saying that means dégage, get lost. It literally means: I’ll sweep you with a broom until the bottom of the ocean.

Thanks to both of you! :okay: