Birds in Morocco / l'bardal f'Maghreb

I am interested in finding out the dareeja names for some birds found in Morocco.
Here’s some I already think I know, feel free to correct me if I got them wrong

Stork – Bell’arge
Starling – Za’zore
Kestrel – Bou3mira
Eagle – N’ser
Owl – Towse

These are some that I want to know

I’d be grateful if anyone can help

:welcome: Jimbo66.
I am sorry but i don’t really know arabic bird’s names!
i just know taous wich is picock.:smiley:

Assalamu alaikum

Falcon = Saqr


I have never herd “bardal” so for me : Birds = frâkh (one bird = ferkh) :slight_smile:

The “owl” is “booma” in Morccan the “Towse” or as Konouz wrote it : “Taous” is the “picock”

For the other birds, well, I must admit that my knowledge about them is very weak, I can’t even see the difference between the Sparrow or the Swallow or the Swift, I even confuse Egret with Stork :roll: