big up mUms

a beautiful story about a mum who gave evrythin to her son …

luv u mum btw :slight_smile:


thanks for sharing wellah

yeah so sad :smiley:

:cry: ya Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! :cry::cry::cry:
omg no one can beat a mother’s love, omg thats well sad, im depressed now :cry:

I noticed how this obedient little mad wrote “mum” instead of “mom”… good boy sonny, you’re improving!!

why whats the difference? lol

mum is the UK and AUS version whereas mom is the fricking annoying american accented way of saying it :S

lol i knew it and tell me about its like MOM in that annoying “ah” sound of theirs haha UK and aussie accents rule! (thank god there r no americans here to dispute that :wink: )

hhhhh HI-5!


where is achmin to say hiw word about MOM

i didn’t watch the video
too lazy
and those abkat al malayin stuff get on my nerves

duuuuude we dont care about dik abkat :slight_smile: the original vid hadnt that title
anyway the vid is great and wanted to share it with u girls :wink:

what’s abkat al malayin?

and just to let you guys know, this video was made by a turk… big uppppp

lol 3icha haha

they still didn’t answer me :hm:

it made cried millions of ppl in turkey , this is the title of the vid
and lalla za3ma didnt like it