big problem with the electricity bill

As salamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Mashaa Allah, I have a big problem and I need your help insha Allah. I need to tell to the owner of the house in which I live something important, please help me to translate it insha Allah: “they told me that the problem is the kind of rate you have, so this is the reason I have expensive bills…so you MUST go to change this rate as soon as possible insha Allah”.

It’s very important…I cannot pay 780 dhs for an electricity bill, subhana Allah!! It’s not my fault and I want to make it clear with the owner of the house insha Allah. Wallahul musta’an.

Shoukran, barak’Allahu fikum!!

I don’t get exactly what they mean by “rate” in this field !!!

But here’s the translation : “galo lya belli naw3 dyal tas3eera li 3andek howa sabab 3lash ka tjini l fatoora dyal daw ghalya, khassek temshi tbedelha f a9rab wa9t momkin”

I used “tas3eera” for “rate” though i’m not sure it’s the right word. i understand from your issue that the house still use an “old system of calculating cost of consumed electricity”, is that it ? if yes, then u can replace “tas3eera” by “magana 9dima” (old electricity counter) or “system 9dim dyal daw” (old electricity counter system).

The best i could provide. waiting for others to see what they have…
May i know where do you leave ? i’m just wonderin why 780 DH !!!

Oh, thank you so much!! I don’t know exactly the problem, I understood that the “rate” (meaning tariff) dial daw, ghalya bzaf! I went to Radeema (electricity and water company of Marrakech) and they told me this. So, I want to talk with the house owner to tell him to change this tariff insha Allah. The first bill was 456 dhs and now 780 dhs…no, it’s not normal!! I haven’t air conditioning and the fridge and the washing machine are class A (Whirpool…very expensive!). No tv, no stereo, nothing else. Only my pc. And the cold water is not electric. So, I know there is a problem, surely. At Radeema they told me the problem is the tariff and they showed me another bill (of a person there) and it was the half of my tariff. So, I hope the khair insha Allah. You understand…I live in Marrakech.

this bill u have to pay it , thats for sure … but i just want to know if u have a counter for u and only for u , or u share it with another flat ?

Ps- using mashaallah, sub7anlah and inshallah… is a great thing , i recommend u to keep this habit … but u have to learn to use them in the right moment :wink:

No, no…I have my counter, not with another flat…and I’m alone in this house (there are two floors + the terrace). I stay at the first floor (the second is for the son of the owner of the house…he lives in Italy, so he come here only 1 month in a year). What can I say? Insha Allah khair!!

ps: Mmmmmhhh, no, no, you’re wrong. We (Muslimin) MUST use “insha Allah” for EVERY action we want to make in the future (“future”…a minute or the next month, it’s the same…we cannot know if we will be alive shortly or if we will be able to do what we want). Subhana Allah, we can use NOT only (like Arabic habits) when we are surprised…it’s a DHIKR and in this way we glorify our Lord. And mashaa Allah, we MUST use often…but here the people never use, so the 'AYN is very widespread. If you tell me you’re sick, I can use “mashaa Allah”…If I say that I can die tomorrow, I can use “insha Allah”…here the people, unfortunately, dont know very well the religion and they often use the habits instead of REAL FIQH. Wa Allahu a’lam. I’m sorry but I can learn form you about darija and some others matter insha Allah…but about my DIN, I prefer to learn from Qur’an wa Sunnah, as understood by Sahaba, Tabi’un and Tabi’i al Tabi’in. Not from people habits. Insha Allah. Allahumma zidna 'ilma!!! Amin. Plz, dont resent…I think you’re Muslim like me, so you are my brother fil Din. smile Jazak Allahu khairan akhi.

If rate signify tarif, then “tas3eera” would be the right translation, u just might face problem if the house owner is an old illitrate person, i don’t think they would get what “tas3eera” is…wallahu a3lam.

Speakin of “Inshallah”, i don’t think it should be written “insha” , but instead “in (space) sha” (in shaa), as “inchaa” means “conception/building”, u cant say “concepting allah”, but instead : in = if, shaa = wills/wants/allows… wa llahu a3lam.

Yes, he is an old man and maybe he is ignorant but Allahu a’lam. Insha Allah khair, may Allah help me!!

Yes, you’re right…it would be correct writing “in sha Allah” and not insha Allah. May Allah guide me and His Umma!! Jazak Allahu khairan…Din is nasiha. smile