bent nass - please help translate

i will be grateful for any help with this translation to english.

o9sim bilah hta rani je cherche qui es tu?
mais nhar n3efek nteb3ek f hyatek kamla **** lanti la aicha la khadija et je t assure rani 9rib ne3ref ki es tu ila ***** **** ana machi rajel.
bagha diri fiha bent nass ou tnewdi lia sda3.
o9ssim bilah hta nweri **** ****.

thank you

there are toooo many curse words in this text!

Oh no! I am so very sorry. I was not aware of this. Could you provide a general idea of what it says, omitting the profanity? My apologies again. It’s important for me to understand the general message. Fortunately it was not written to me, but the content does affect me, I believe.

i’m not a native speaker of darija but what i have understood by the last line is that this person is cursing the recipients father and mother’s religion (a common moroccan curse), also calling him a faggot. i don’t really understand the rest, besides the words “9*hba” which mean whore. it really isn’t a nice piece of text. whoever wrote it lacks some manners.

& it seems it isn’t a “man” (ana machi rajel) - so its a girl :blink:

hta rani je cherche qui es tu? = i;m also searching, who are you?

thank you for trying. i’m shocked at this! this message was sent from my friend to a woman (whom i don’t know) who has harrassed me via email. my friend sent this email to make her stop. i had no idea my friend was so crass. thank you, this is helpful to me in many ways. if you have any further translation i appreciate it.

Oops ! pure Moroccan !!

i’ll give an exact translation…

" I swear to God, i’m searching/invastigating to know who you are,
when i catch you, i’ll hunt you in your entire life you B, you & Aicha & Khadija,
& i assure you that i’m so close to know who you are,
I’d be no man if i don’t F you.
You wanna act like a good girl, & cause me trouble ?!
I swear to God, i’ll show you, you B.
Cursed be you B. "

Sounds like a typical Moroccan trouble that we’re used too ! :yuck:

Paperbird and LallaAicha,

Thank you so much for your help. This tells me alot! (I understand if this needs to be deleted from the site, of course.)

Original message edited.

LA, please feel free to edit posts containing profanity. We understand the need for people to sometimes understand sensitive things, but we don’t want the use of such words on the forum.

Admin, i looked for an “edit” button but couldn’t find any, as i am not the moderator of this section it is impossible for me to edit any posts here… i will just report the post so you can do your bit.

thanks for being quick :slight_smile: