Bejj3ad Women too!

In society all beings are created equal, of course unless you happen to be a woman. These creatures are part of this Ouma, nation, part of the world. But their control extends to the outer boundaries of what we call culture. They want to be a master of us, of every one of us, determining how we think, feel and relate. With women bringing up our chilrden and men genetically programmed for mating it’s no wonder there’re conflicts arising in the world today.

Thousand of years ago Bejjaad’s native men fought over food, Flaha, shelter plus the right to mate with “said women.” This right was bestowed on the strongest of the village. But through time and changes in power women of Bejjaad too have acquired the right to select “said male”.

Okay, now just imagine being a native of Bejjad, how would you see this changes? Is it evolution or revolution or both?
educate me.

I am not sure I quite grasped your point. So do you mean that marriage traditions changed in Bejjad so that women now ask for the husband’s hand and not the other way around?

Your point is partially correct. And, when I wrote that; in my head. I saw a clear mismatch between how we as Bejj3adians live in Bejjaad and think. And you know simplyMoroccan. We Bejjaadians have evolved to Complex-Moroccans. I feel proletarian today not Aflatounian.

I’m afraid that I don’t understand what you are talking about at all. You started out by implying that half of the human race is naturally inferior to the other half. Then you went on to say that their control permeates everything, which would seem to make them superior to the other half. What do you mean by saying that women want to control everything? How can a single individual imagine that he/she is so prescient as to be able to ascertain the intentions of such a large group of unknown others? Your position is self contradictory and unkind to the part of this ‘Ouma’ which is and always has been the first school of all mankind.

Also, there is nothing new about the phenomenon which you brought up. Have not women always been the bearers of the hands which rocked the cradles? We have a saying; “The hand that rocks the cradles rules the world.”

No. What you thought about my thoughts are your thoughts and not my thoughts. Let me make myself clearer. The division of labor and the role of men and women in a given society shouldn’t be seen as a confirmation of anything. But rather the gender equality should be judged on case-by-case bases, of course, taking into consideration: the time & place. And. Yes. I do need a female feminine tutor. I feel.