Beghir (moroccan pancakes)

This recipe is easy, however everything must be just right in order for them to turn out…so you may need to try a few times and always say bismallah a few times before your start, and Insha’allah Allah will help you out:)

3/4 cup Durum Semolina ( I call this yellow flour)
1 1/4 cup white flour
1 egg
1 tea salt
2 rounded tea breat yeast (NOT fast acting)
2 3/4 cup warm water

*must be cooked on a T-fal pan or very good non-stick pan (I pre heat my pan on med for a few minutes before I start. If your temp is not right the bottom of the pancake can become crisp on the bottom, not good) it it takes a long time to cook, turn up your heat…if the bottom turns a deep tan color, turn down the heat a bit.

Place warm water and yeast in your blender, let set for about 4 or 5 minutes, than mix for a sec or so. Next add flour, durum semolina, salt and than the egg. Mix well in blender, may need to open once and scrap sides and mix a minute longer.
After everything is mixed together well, pour into a large bowl and cover with a lid. Let set for about 20 minutes.

Cooking the pancakes:

Preheat pan, stir the mix a couple times (not a lot, just enough to remix a bit) Take a large spoon (soup serving spoon) and pour in the middle of the preheated pan. The batter will bubble all over (the more bubbles the better) and become pancake texture. Make sure to wait for all liquid to turn to the pancake texture then remove to a towel and start on the next one. *DO NOT TURN OVER WHILE COOKING, THEY ONLY COOK FROM ONE SIDE.

Serve with a mix melted butter and honey…yum!!

We eat these most often during Ramadan.


Thanks for the baghrir recipe, Nada. I’m going to the US this summer and I want to prepare some of these things for my mom. See, I live with my mom in law and she takes care of the kitchen but does not want me to worry about cooking but… she does not understand that I want to learn to prepare the delicious meals she prepares. Oh, well. Thanks again.


I hear you Angie. I lived in Morocco for 5 months and the kitchen belongs to my mother in law. I would help her by cutting vegetables and things but to cook, it’s her way. Me and my husband would give her a break from time to time by doing the cooking but she loves to cook and I will be the first to admit,she is a beautiful cook. :okay: