Beautiful Morocco

Hi my name is Gosia Please help me and translate this:
salam. labbass 3lik rani jit ghir bach nkhalii lik msg w safi ,natmanna annak tkoni bikhir w 3la khir w tt la famille .kant nawi natlaqqak lyom ms khassni naqdi chi hajat mohim bach makan ghan3ayyat lik blill.
kant ghir baghi n3awd lik 3la wahd khayti kant tlakitha hnaya w skkanna bjojna w kanna dima f machakil hit tatmchi l msn ta3i w facebook w tqallab tele phone ta3i bsaraha 3aqdaattnnii hahaha ms daba mabkitch m3aha ms wallit tant3assab daghya w dima tal3 liya damm wallah … had chi li kan a khti naima natmanna annak matkonich ka3ya 3liya l annanni manach mahdrat m3ak ms rak dima f ball yallah a zion waqilla barzattak thallay f rassk bzf w natssam3o man ba3d bslllamma.

hi, everything’s good? i just came to leave you a message and thats all, i hope you’re well and your family too. [something something something else i don’t understand.] i want to tell you about a certain sister, she was living with us and we were always in trouble/problems coz you/she went onto my msn and facebook and found my phone number and honestly 3aqdatni hahahahaaaa but now i dont stay with her but i became something something seomthing…

this is what there was, sis naima, i hope you don’t get angry with me l annanni manach i didnt speak with you you’re always on my mind, come on beautiful waqilla barzattak take heaps of care and laterzzzzz, see ya.

the stuff i didn’t get, i just left the arabic in the translation and the other stuff that i was lost with, i wrote “something something something” as substitute.

MOROCCANS, correct where necessary im sure it IS necessary

thank you. do somebody can translate somethink more?