bari n choffek- please translate. Tnx

Could u please translate:

bari n choffek


Baghi nchoffek = i wanna see you / i wanna meet you

rarely, it could mean: i wanna watch you

Many thanks :slight_smile:

note here that the r in bari is actually the french r, so in english-darija writing it would be baghi, coz zi french say their r’s from the throat, from eating too many frog legs

Thank you very much, now I understood a spelling diference.
We a living in a french speaking country, that is why the spelling in my post “french”
Thank you very much once again

you’re welcome. which country is that?

Switzerland (french part)

that’s nice, i heard the swiss have a cool melodious accent when speaking french… have u heard of tariq ramadan? he grew up in switzerland if im not wrong & meLikesbzAff his accent… :slight_smile: nice to meet u kattee

I am not sure, i do not know a surname :slight_smile:
nice to meet you too

sorry lalla but tarik’s ramadan french has nothin to do with french accent hhhhhh he has an arab french accent :stuck_out_tongue:

well u know better than me when it comes to french accents, but how does he have an arab french accent if he grew up there? unless he tried soooo hard not to assimilate, and btw he’s an integrationist so it’s hard to believe that he didn’t want to assimilate.

hehhehehe maybe he is a bledart :smiley:

maaaaan i’m the bledar here, can’t believe i didn’t notice the arabness to his accent… unless you’re pulling my leg

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

you laugh too much don’t you… have u been missing your psych appointments?

anyway my siggy is amazing innit

no loooll :smiley: well it is for those who believe in maghreb united … not for me though

PS- my psych became crazy :S would u be my psy plz :stuck_out_tongue:

sure. 1st session will be double price, second session will be free :smiley:

i believe in maghreb united, whats wrong with u

duuuude this is not Allah … im free to believe or not loolll :smiley:
u like to believe in lies … i dont :wink:

whatevaaaaa :ball:

hhhhhh mini has opened a thread about debates … maybe we can argue about maghreb united there :smiley: