Banning Minarets in Switzerland

[quote]ZURICH (Reuters) - Switzerland will hold a referendum on whether to ban building any more minarets in the Alpine country, the government said on Tuesday.

A group of politicians from the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) and Federal Democratic Union gathered more than 100,000 signatures to support the initiative, saying the minarets threaten law and order.

Switzerland has two minarets, in Zurich and Geneva, which would be unaffected by the vote. Neither issues a Moslem call to prayer.

“The Federal Chancellery checks of the signature list showed that of the total 114,137 signatures turned in, 113,540 are valid,” the government said in a statement.

The proposal has to be discussed by parliament before being put to a popular vote and the process could take several years.

The SVP previously ran an anti-immigration campaign featuring three white sheep kicking a black sheep off a Swiss flag. The campaign was condemned as racist by rights groups and the United Nations.

Swiss voters recently rejected another SVP proposal which would have made it more difficult for foreigners to secure citizenship, a campaign which included posters of yellow and black hands grabbing at Swiss passports.

Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey has said a minaret ban would threaten security, and the country’s seven-member ruling council said this month it would “naturally be recommending that parliament and the electorate vote against the initiative.”

The SVP’s populist program focuses on tackling crime, forcing cuts in public spending and keeping Switzerland out of the European Union.

It has proven highly popular with Swiss voters in recent years and helped the party secure around 29 percent of the vote in last year’s national election.[/quote]

So after the anti-immigration campaign, now it’s an anti-Islam campaign. Why ban minarets while they don’t even issue prayer calls? In Agadir, we have a church and a synagogue. So similarly, we should also demand their ban… This is so against the one-village concept.

Assalamu alaikum

Islamophobia is the newest form of discrimination. When Communism fell the U.S.A. and Europe needed a new boogeyman (badboy) to focus their energy on. I have read a position paper put forward by a major Think Tank in America, in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s proposing that the government focus on Islam. It has come to fruition. In the past 15 years Islam has become the focus of the West’s aggression.

Sadly, and I have spoken of this for almost half of my life, many so-called recognized modern Islamic Scholars have become corrupt, acquiescing to the desires of the Western governments, and thereby failing to address the reality of Islam. These “scholars,” by abandoning the earliest fundamental teachings of Islam and imposing their newer fraudulent beliefs and concepts and by the prolific propagation of their corrupt books, have seriously duped the Islamic Ummah and we are experiencing a “dumbing down” of the general Muslim population throughout the world.

this period was announced by the Writings since a long time, I am not astonished…but I find intolerable that it can be at this time when one speaks all the time about tolérence and freedom…:mad: