Back to basics: LOVE

I was wondering if there’s any other sweet words to say I love you beside tanbghik, for some reason it sounds little bit weird and not affectionate. maybe it’s just me but i always wondered why there’s not many words to express love in Moroccan darija, is it lack of expression or just our parents never did an effort to say I LOVE YOU. i understand from a male standing point that saying i love you to a woman might seems feminine.
please help all what i want to say is: I love you :slight_smile:

ps: sorry i might posted my post in the wrong forum and i can’t delete it and post it ion the appropriate one.

I share the same feeling. Kanbghik/tanbghik doesn’t inspire any affection for me. It’s rather a Rai verb :D. Seriously, I hear that only in Rai songs. In the occident, you’d tell your kids “I love you” when you take them to bed, and you get a “I love you too” back, you’d say that on the phone too, etc. In our culture, you rarely express your affection by words. I never told my mom or dad “kanbghik” for instance… It would feel odd. So yes, you’re right. I personally believe that there isn’t any other powerful expression because it’s not part of the way our parents and grandparents were raised.

But for your information, another songy expression is: kanmôt 3lîk = I love you to death, I’d die for you, …

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SM, is kanbghik used for plural or can it also be used when saying it to only one person ?

I would say it is only used for one person, because it has a you (sg.) ending.

yeah ur right actually, but coz im new with all this, i still wanna make sure :slight_smile:

thx nuwwara

Nuwwara got it right.
So it’s: kanbghîkom for the plural.

Your welcome MPMO.

What’s MPMO?

Safi, I figured out.


lol sorry for the bombardment of questions SM :smiley: but it’s life ya know :stuck_out_tongue:

In this case if you guys share the same feeling about the love word in darija, is there a room to improve the Moroccan feelings expression methods/words? can we just invent a new word that actually reflect the love and passion something mimi? expl: Tanmimik, Tanmimikom? lol instead of Tanbghik which sounds cheesy and empty of love.
Tanmout alik doesn’t refelct the exact verb: love that exists in any otherkanguage: I die for you, je meurs pour toi… :slight_smile:
Tanmimimi <- I love myself lol

looooool tanmimimi just sounds funny!

kan nmout 3lik
kan 7mak 3lik
kan 7ebbek
kan nbghik

lol, yes it’s sounds funny but cuter :slight_smile:
“Mature Love: Tanbghik hit Tanmimik”

goMorocco, why are u making life more complicated for yourself when you could just say tanbghik, i love you, je t’adore, seni seviyorum, ich liebe dich and loooooots more :smiley:

ya but tanmimik doesnt exist in darija

It’s je t’aime in French

I know it doesn’t exist… but my point was is there a room to create new words in darija? like any other language they progress with the new trends etc…
I don’t say i love you that much anyway i just do it…

nuwwara yes i know but je t’adore is the more stronger version… and GoMorocco wants something strong, thats why i used it…