ba moutte fik wa fi hobik

Hi everybody!

Somebody wrote me something, but he won’t dare telling me what it means. Could anybody help me? Thanks! :^^:

“ba moutte fik wa fi hobik”

Have a nice weekend!

Hey najma !

well this is not moroccan, I think it’s egyptian and it means “I’m dying for you and for your love”

this “somebody” must be in love with you lol

Om my! That is so great to read! :hah: I wonder why in Egipcian, though :blink: Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for your help :hap:

It means that he’s in love with you, and dyin’ for you !!
Anyway, why he chose egyptian! i think it’s so easy to know… Many moroccan people here enjoy and like watchin’ egyptian movies, so this habit to watch it more often result sometimes of use of egyptian words inclued moroccan ones.

and like to say something in a ‘cute’ way or a romancy way ppl like to use egyptian

dorky ppl that is