azi ganga haras lamo lanba - chokran :)

too offensive to post :wink: i’ve removed it. thx. – can someone understand this and translate?

thank you so much! chokran :slight_smile:

That’s an offensive sentence. The translation in English would be: The black nigger broke his mamma’s lamp.
I think it’s part of some song. Ganga refers also to “black” Gnawa musicians/players. 3zzi is an offensive way of saying a black person. Any Moroccan black would be offended if called 3zzi, 3zzia for feminine.

i agree that in this case it would seem to be offensive but i dont agree that ‘any moroccan’ would be offended by this term…depends on context, how you know the person, etc…how many times do u hear wfein a 3zzi on the street among guys

You can’t just call someone 3zzi. Unless you are really close friends, and you know the person wouldn’t be offended if it comes from you, don’t use it. I wouldn’t use it under any circumstances.

exactly!! depends how you know the person : )

myself as well, i dont really like to use it, but i get it said to me all the time :^^:…after so many wfein a 3ezzi???'s responded to with a fein a ma3lem or a satt or a kheina maybe they would get the idea??? jjjjjj

but i just thought it important to mention to her that it is often used among young ppl in my experience, and not MEANT in a negative or hurtful way :smiley:


Hold it right there, ach. Are you sure you were not being called “azzine”? With, “afine azzin” meaning -as you know-: “how you doing, beautiful”.
That makes me wonder… If you’re actually afro-American, or colored, or (please insert the most appropriate non-offensive word), then they would call you 3zzi “for fun”. Other than that, you should consider the “azzine” option.

jjjjjjjjj cant believe i have to go deeper into this but…

1 - i’m not pretty, or even handsome in the slightest

2 - yeah i am sure they are saying 3ezzi. to give you more context these guys are all mostly from saharan or deep south families who immigrated to a certain area of the rabat medina in the last generation. so they’re dark. and they try and keep it pretty gangster jjjjjjjjj. the most disappointing word in american hip hop has jumped the language barrier and it is cool to call each other 3ezzi. but guys do it in fes too.

3 - for someone as cloaked in secrecy as you to be asking me about my ethnicity is frankly hilarious.

4 - yeah just fyi, over here you can say black. colored went out in like 1960 or so? afro american, ehh it works but thats like 80s…anyway this doesn’t have anything to do with matching up the term 3ezzi with how dark your skin is…in my experience it’s used completely indiscriminately of whether you look like a sayyid, sahraoui, or rifi.

Ach, don’t get too excited. I didn’t assume you were pretty, and I did not mean to indirectly ask you about your ethnicity. My whole point was to make sure you heard the word right, as one would think there is a 3 in “afine azzine”.
Just like the American use of the word “nigger”, it’s fine when used within a group of friends or blacks, but it becomes offending when someone else uses it.
I don’t know about the terms used in English for blacks, I thought African American is still used, and I am not very comfortable with the word black.
And oh, I know I am hilarious, I get that a lot, thanks.

@ Laila, don’t worry. You removed the sentence from your post, but it’s still in the title, and that’s okay, other people can learn the word and know when and how to use it or avoid it.

: D everything is subjective i suppose ya effendim.

for example i am interested to see you state with such definitiveness when this word can and can’t be used in american culture. i would urge you to consider that though this may be your personal, subjective opinion, there are other opinions out there. for example my own, which is that this word is never really ‘fine’, no matter your skin color or age, and that we as a society need to get out of patterns like this one.

or my other opinion which is that the term african american is for textbooks, national holidays or overly sensitive (scared) white ppl…just based on my experience

in other news, that’s very perceptive of you to pick up on the fact that non-native speakers often have trouble distinguishing alef and 3. you must either have have taught a lot of non-native speakers learning arabic or interacted with them quite a bit.

you are funny! i love when you do funny posts on here.

and maybe i’m not pretty. or maybe i am. once again i guess it depends on your own subjective taste :stuck_out_tongue:

My “definitiveness” about the use of the word nigger didn’t come from a personal subjective opinion, but rather from a black American… Well, not directly, but it was a comedy show, so you can go ahead and bash up my references.
However, for the use of the word 3zzi, we can pretty much say that it’s your opinion against mine. I wouldn’t get into refudiating, à la Palin, your own definitiveness.
Just to clarify a point, I didn’t mean that no one can use the word 3zzi but black people between each other, I actually meant that one can use it only if he is black or calling black a close friend. You can’t be used to goofing around with friends using the word 3zzi, and then suddenly try to be cool with the merchant in souq “bsh7al had ddlla7a a3zzi?”. Or else, I’d really love to witness the scene.

[small]Thanks for praising my skills. I cannot, however, tell you how I polished them, given my secrecy level which you are, apparently, very very familiar with. Nice try though.[/small]

bash bash:gun:

there i bashed them. so it’s his or her subjective opinion. just because they are black (you said black! bravo 3leki!!) or american doesn’t mean they have the monopoly on what is ‘fine’ to say or in what context something is ‘fine’ for everyone. anyway, not really on the topic, but for more information on what we were touching on before, for anyone’s interest of the black vs. african american debate in the u.s., i found this post to break it down pretty well:

again just the opinion of 2 different ppl. not a roadmap for what is ok for everyone.

haha i would also like to witness this scene fel sou9. and interesting you had to bring watermelon (dla7) into the discussion of 3ezzi didn’t you!!! another at times extremely racially charged image for americans ma3reftich?? : P

refudiating!!! haha that is hilarious. ok. :+1: for you. ma3ndich man9oulik since you brought refudiating to the fray.

but just so you know what i was poorly trying to say about ‘3ezzi’ here

was that you can’t say for sure that it is meant in a harmful way, while i still concede that it is for sure something that i do find if not offensive, at least ugly. i guess TO ME its all about overstanding that the terms are loaded with ugliness, historical injustice, and hatred, while also recognizing that it does not mean NECESSARILY that the people using them and their intents are likewise inclined…

yes, ok you say ‘only if he is black’ or ‘only if they are friends’ but i think we must avoid these blanket statements. even with friends, someone could not be sure. color and race in morocco is very complicated i think. there are so many different shades of moroccans, and you could be joking around with a group of your friends who self-identify as for example very much arab moroccan, long tradit fessi family history, etc and 3ezzi is all good, the idea means something really different than for example some other friend with a different family history & geography, a different life experience, a different shade of color that you might not even pick up on. every time someone says 3ezzi he feels bad.

i think soura 3ama a foreigner has little business ever using this term.

I am too lazy to read the link you posted, I take your word on it. We don’t seem to be going anywhere with what term is fine to use, as it will always be one opinion against another, and I guess no academic or official references would be good enough for you, as you’ll still go with the exceptions.

I had no racial image whatsoever in my head. I do not know actually what my innocent sentence suggests to you as an American… Well I say innocent, but I actually chose the biggest product in the market to fall right on your head, or straight on the face if you dared call the guy other than Si Mohamed. That was for the scene, nothing more.

Well, I see that at the end you’re more inclined to my opinion, which is that it’s better not to use the word anyway because it’s offensive.
If you come to think of it, the fact that those Fassis call each other 3zzi, without actually being blacks, is not very appropriate, it’s like they are making fun of blacks.

Yeah yeah, I used the word black, or else we’d be right back to the beginning of the discussion, and we’d keep it rolling over and over.

To get back to Laila, if the comment was directed to you by someone you don’t know, you can consider it offensive. If the comment was for someone else in the picture, by someone you think he is good friends with, then maybe it’s alright between them, and you’ll just wonder what the guy calls him back.


we both like to argue so much that we do it even if we agree with each other

i want to say more but i resist the temptation