Away for a While

Assalamo 3alaykom.
I’d like to notify you that I’ll be away from the forum for a few days. I’ll get back to respond to all your questions and correct the exercises pretty soon. Please keep posting and working on Darija.
Till soon.

We’ll miss you :ok:

A bientôt chère SM
et ne t’inquiète pas, ghadi nemshiw “keep posting” f lmontada dyalk, imta ghadi temshi hna, ghadi tshôf kamlin qra, kteb w b lkhoSôS 7lem b ddarija! :^^:

see u sooooooon SM!!
Im going to miss u soooooooo much!!

I will miss you too
mattawleesh 3lina !

Hello friends! Guess who’s back :).
Thank you everyone for your messages. Let’s get back to Darija!

Correction: Lmontada dyalna ;).

Mllî ghâdî trj3î hnâ, ghâdî tlqâynâ kâmlîn qrînâ, ktbnâ, w blkhoSôS 7lmnâ bddarija.
Mllî ghâdî trj3î hnâ, ghâdî tlqây kolshî qrâ, ktb, w blkhoSôS 7lm bddarija.

Tmshî = Tu vas.
Trj3î = Tu retournes.

Je crois que tu voulais plutôt utiliser la 2ème version, mais tu pensais que - comme je l’avais dis - “kolshî” fait plutôt “objet” que “humain”… Bien vu. Ajout: Kolshî peut être utilisé des fois sans problèmes en parlant d’humains.

Très bien Elise :). Tu es une fierté ;).

See you on the forum, everyone!

shôkran bzzzzaaaffff SM! :wink:
see you soon!! :ok:

Elise, will write to you soon, mâ nsîtsh!

Hiba, “mattawleesh 3lina” was very good from you :). Enti bitzakri min warana? :smiley: (Egyptian)

Welcome back SM !!! :smiley:

Tab3an bazaker omALL :wink:

i wasn’t actually here when you left, but IF i was i WOULD have missed you :smiley:

Welcome back sweety!

Thank you Tukha and MarocRulz :).

thank youuu SM-itna :slight_smile:
no wait, that should be l-SM dyalna :hap: nerd-face

Did you realize what you just called me? You called me poison :smiley: ssmm :mdr:.


ouuuuups sorryyy :blush::oops::sorry:

i apologise for that smilie-attack above … i was originally looking for the blush one, and then i saw the other two and couldn’t leave them out :lol:
and you know what i meanttttt :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, i’m still laughing MDR

No worries :D. Ma kayn 7tta moshkil.
SimplyMoroccan is too long. SM is easier to type, but I should find some other easy nickname.

nooooooooooooooo :huh:
i love SM, cos it fits with the site name tooo :smiley:
so YOU are SM, and we are SMnautes :hap::hap:

but LOL that’s funny, i didn’t realise :lol:

looooooool…u guys r soo cuuuuute :smiley:

loooooooooool…you’re cuter ya little cutie :stuck_out_tongue:

:blink: mmmm, sorry, i’m feeling a bit high …