Audio exercise: l-mra lli wuldet el-qdira

Days are getting shorter! Plenty of time for bed time stories.
Here’s one for you. It’s called ‘The woman who gave birth to the clay cooking pot’.
That’s doesn’t sound very likely, now does it? It’s probably a fairy tale.
I’ve got the transliteration but first let’s see what you can make out of this without the corresponding text. Enjoy.

I am a Moroccan native and I didn’t get all of it :smiley:
I love the northern Moroccan accent !
Do you have more of these audio files?

Thanks, maarten, I missed this when you posted it, just found it now.
Very hard for me !
But I actually have the transcription from Francisco Moscoso Gracias site, so I better get to work on it now!

Do you know his site, pakyrus ? (btw nice to see you here, too :slight_smile:

Thanks Lise for the website I didn’t know it existed. It’s really nicely done!
Should you know similar websites, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

The one I prefer the most is 7didan