Audio exercice: S-Snaye3 f-fas

Fas! City of trades and crafts.
In this audio exercise 7hmed explains what you can expect to see when taking a stroll in l-medina l-bali.

Allright, I have the complete transliteration but perhaps one of you wants to have a go at it first.

Shukran, really good. But sooooooooooo much.

Very nice Maarten. I like the audio tape. This person does not speak so fast. Still some parts are difficult for me but I made a start … Tell me if it makes sense. Maybe somebody else wants to continu or otherwise I will try some more tomorrow.

Fi Fes kayn bzaf dyal masâ2il dyal khedma.
In Fes there are many workshops (things related to work? Places where people work? Werkplaatsen?)

Kayn fin kaySawbu TTrabesh, kayn fin kaySawbu tnâsher dyal nHâs.
There are (places) where they make Fezzes (?). there are (places) where they make 12 (?) of copper (this does not make sense … sorry … I don’t understand the last part)

Kaynîn l-kherrâza w l-khiyâTa illa (?) ghîr dalik.
There are shoemakers and tailors etcetera.

Kul shî had nnas 3indhum waHid l-hânut Sghîr fin kaykhedmu.
All these people have (everyone has) a small shop in which they work.

KaySawbu l-hajât jdad w kaybi3uh.
They make new things and sell them

Mettel l-kherraz kaySawbu belgha jadîda w kaybi3ha.
For example the shoemaker makes new slippers and sells them

Wa kay-yemkin lu ji 3indhu shî waHid li 3atilu belgha bâlia, huwa ySlaH-ha
And when one day (it happens that) someone comes to him and gives him old slippers he repairs them.


You did a good job on the translation. Here’s the exact transcript of the part you just tried to translate:

f-fas kayen bezzaf dyal l-masa’il (msala, pl. masa’il = mather, topic); I would translate it as ‘kinds of, types of ,sorts of’ in this context) dyal l-xedma. kayen fayn kaySewwbu T-Trabesh (Terbush, pl. Trabesh = fez) kayen fayn kaySewwbu T-Tnajer (Tenjra, pl. Tnajer = (sauce)pan) dyal n-n7as.

kaynin l-xerraza u l-xeyyaTa ila ghir-u dalik (ila ghir-u dalik = etcetera). kull shi had n-nas 3and-hum wa7ed l-7anut sghir fayn kayxedmu.
KaySewwbu l-7ajat j-jdad u kaybi3u-hum. matalan l-xerraz, kaySewweb belgha jdida u kaybie3-ha.

u kayemken l-u (it’s possibble (for him) that) yji l-3and-u shi wa7ed y3aTi l-u belgha balya uw huwa yeSLe7-ha.