Audio exercice: l-xedma

here’s an audio excercise I took from a Dutch textbook called ‘Marokkaans Arabisch - een cursus voor zelfstudie en klassikaal gebruik’.
You can hear how Dhris explains to 7med why he’s not too happy with its current job. 7med on the other hand is happy in his work.
I’ve got the transcript of the conversation, but perhaps you want to have a go with the excercise yourself first before I post the answers.

u gul(i) liya, wash kayen fi-kum shi wa7ed lli wjed/wejdet l-‘xedma d l-7elma’ dyalu/dyalha ?

shukran for yet another great resource, maarten.

A bit difficult for me, without a transcript. I can catch bits and pieces, but not enough to understand what the problem is at work.

But I’ll have a go at the greetings :

Driss Sba7 l-khir, Si Hmed, kif dayr ?
Hmed ---- Si Driss, kif dayr nta ? Ana bkhir, l-hamdulillah.
Driss Labas, swiya. Drari labas 3lihom ?
Hmed huma bkhir, l-hamdulillah. ----- makayn . Mwalin ddar labas 3lihom ?
Driss mwalin ddar huma bkhir, hamdulillah. F ddar — makayn ---- l-mushkil huwa l-khdma.

and translation :
D Good morning, Si ( polite form of address ) Hmed, how are you ?
H (?) Si Driss, how are you ? I’m fine , (thank God)
D I’m OK. How are the children ?
H They’re fine. There isn’t / aren’t ------ . How’s your family ? (lit. ‘the owners of the house’)
D My family is fine, hamdulilah. At home there isn’t -----, the problem is (at) work.
H What (3ndek = do you have) ----
------- (kat3jbek l-khdma = you like the work)

As for your question, does it mean :
Is there someone among you who has found your dream job ?

The new word for me here was ‘7elma’. I found 7lm in the dictionary = to dream, so i guess 7elma is a dream.
‘wjd’ I was familiar with, with the meaning ‘to be/get ready’, and as that didn’t seem to fit in the sentence, I looked it up in the dictionary and found that it can also have the meaning of ‘to find’.

If I’ve understood your question correctly, my answer is
iyeh, ana wejdat l-khdma d l-7elma dyali, ana ostada d ESL (English as a Second Language), kan3lm Talaba kbar. / Yes, I’ve found my dream job, I’m an ESL teacher, I teach adult students - immigrants and overseas students. It’s a great job ! khdma mzyan bezzaf ! I meet many interesting people / kantlaqa bezzaf d l-nas

Nice to hear you found your dream job. Tbarkellah 3lik! I can imagine it to be very rewarding.
Good job overall on the translation. Here’s the transcript of the first few sentences.

d sba7 l-xhir a s-si 7med kif dayer?
7 ahlen a s-si dris, kif dayer nta? ana bi-xhir l-7emdu li-llah
d la bas shwiya. d-drari, la bas 3li-hum?
7 huma bi-xhir, l-7emdu li-llah. shi bas ma-kayen? mwalin D-Dar, la bas 3li-hum?
d mwalin D-Dar, huma bi-xhir l-7emdu li-llah, fe D-Dar ma-kayen bas. l-mushkil huwa l-xedma.
7 shnu 3end-ek m3a l-xedma a s-si dris? wash xerrju-k (xerrej = to dismiss/to fire) wella ma-3ajba-k-sh l-xedma?

here is few correction:

iyeh, ana l9it lkhedma dyal l7olm ta3i

khdma zwina bezzaf

kantla9a m3a bezzaf dyal nass

Shukran, anisa and maarten.

I hope somebody is going to continue with the translation of the audio. :ok:

And does anybody else want to describe what they do,in darija ( with translation, please !) ?

D tanexdem 3end wa7ed mul l-met3eem walakin had l-xedma S3iba.
tanexdem 7etta s-sebt u l-7dd y3ani r-ra7a ma-3andi-sh.
ghir l-jum3a be3d D-Dh7ur (noon) 3and-i R-Ra7a.
ana xeddam f-had l-xedma li’anna (because) ma-neqDer-sh nelqa l-xedma xura.
f-l-wqt lli nelqa we7da xura ghadi nbeddel-ha.

7 wash tatqelleb 3la xedma xura? tanDenn l-batrun dyali baghi yzid l-xeddama.
wash bghiti texdem m3aya? aji ngelsu f-l-qehwa nheDru shwiya 3la had l-qaDiya (matter)

D waxxa. u nta, kif dayer f-l-xedma a s-si 7med?

7 3ajba-ni had l-xedma. waxxa (even if) nelqa we7da xura, ma nbeddel-ha sh.
tanerbe7 wa7ed l-'ujra (wages) mezyana. l-xedma sahla u nqiya u l-batrun 7etta huw mezyan,
tanetfahem (get along with) m3a-h mezyan.

Driss says: tanexdem… I thought it was meant to be kanexdem? Or is this is a regional variation?