Audio exercice: l-makla

Allright, listen carefully to the women in this excercice. She explains how to prepare a tajine and a couscous meal. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds so easy it seems to me you can’t go wrong. Follow her instructions and try to make sure that the end result of your efforts matches one of the two dishes shown below.

Who wants to have a go at writing down the ‘recipe’?

Thank you, maarten.

I’ll start :

bash Tayyeb Tarjine takhud zit u lebSl u l7m u …?..

to make tarjine take oil and onion and meat and …?..

u kulshi katdirhom f tarjine m3a l-khdra li bghiti bHal (?) mTisha, felfel u khizu, ila ghir u dalik

and put everything in the tarjine with your choice of vegetables (lit. the vegetables that you like)

such as (?) tomato, capsicum and carrot, etc.

l7m dyal bgra …?labut??.. mn toma

beef … garlic

l7m dyal ghnmi dirha ula madirhash

mutton/lamb can be added or omitted (put it in or don’t but it in)

mn b3d …hom f Tarjine fuq l3afya.

then … in the tarjine on the fire.

Who wants to continue ? and who wants to make corrections ? 3afak / please

Any Native Darija Speakers out there who would like to help with corrections ?
Shukran in advance.

I posted my attempt at this yesterday and now it is not here anymore? Took me a good 20 minutes. Where has it gone?

We are really sorry about that, modz. I mentioned here what happened. We are truly sorry to be dealing with such a bad-quality hosting company. We had no idea what we’ve put ourselves into.

Chances are that lise_c or marteen still have the notification of your answer in their inboxes, and can thus re-post your answer.
Can you guys please check? Thanks!

No, sorry - not in my inbox.

ok thanks for trying. I thought someone may have deleted it.