Audio-excercise: l-sukna

Here’s a short audio excercie. Lalla Fatima compares the housing situation between the Netherlands and Morocco.

Shukran, maarten.

I’ll have a go at transcribing and translating :

Ana kanskn f Utrecht. / I live in Utrecht.

Ana kari wa7d d-dar qriba mn l-medina. / I rent a house near town.

Hiya d-dar fiha juj dyal (tbqat ?) / The house has 2 levels/storeys

s-sefli w l-foqri / groundfloor and upstrairs

kul juj dyali / both of them are mine.

sukna f-holanda machi b7al skuna f-l-maghreb. / living in Holland is not like living in Morocco.

f-l-magheb kanskn f had d-dar fiha … dar w l-byut / In Morocco I live in a house with … and rooms

li byut ma-fihom srajm bash nshufu lberra / in the rooms there are no windows to look out

had l-(atat ?) dyal d-dar machi b7al 3ndna f-l-maghreb ? the style (?) of house is not like ours in Morocco

Does anyone else want to have a go ?

Good job on the translation.

l-fuqi - top floor
Tebqa (pl Tebqat) - floor
weST D-Dar - inner court (lit. centre of the house)
'atat (pl.) -