Audio excercice: l-wqt

If you can spare the time, here are some time expressions.

Thanks for sharing, Maarten :).

Where did you get this one from? The speaker is not native, did you notice how she prunounced l7aDer?

You’re right! She’s Dutch.

The speaker has lived in Morocco for quite some time though. She’s an Arabic linguistics & literature professor at the university of Amsterdam and has published a number of (Moroccan) Arabic textbooks.

Sobering thought knowing that even her extensive experience is still not enough to pass off for a native Moroccan.
But hey, that means it’s time to step it up a notch, learn a bit harder and give it your best shot right? ila sreqti, sreq ej-jmel. ila 3šeqti, 3šeq el-qmeR.

shukran for yet another great audio exercise, maarten.

So that’s what a Dutch accent sounds like - to tell you the truth I can’t tell the difference yet :wink:

Here’s my attempt with the transcription / translation - I hope others will fill in the missing bits !

dima = always
modda ? ( shHal modda u nta … How long have you …) ?
m3Tl = late
bkri = early
lmustaqbl = future
lmaDi = past
lHaDr = present
rbi3 = spring
Sif = summer
khrif = autumn
sTa = winter
shuq sh-shams = sunrise
ghub sh-shams = sunset
kul yum = every day
kul lyum = every day
lyum kullu = all day
kul s-simana = every week
s-simana kulha = all week

It sounded like she said “dâmin” for “always” as well as “dima” - is this a common thing in Morocco?

The last bit sounded like a proverb - “BlmâDi wlmsta9bl kâin al7aDr”. Is this a proverb or just a common sense description of the present?