At 84, she joined the police academy to study

[quote]LEWISTON, Maine - An 84-year-old retired seamstress and grandmother is the oldest graduate in the 11-year history of Lewiston’s Citizen Police Academy.

“I signed up because I’m still learning,” Noella Landry said. “I said, 'I’m going to learn a lot of things I don’t know.”’

Students in the free program receive instruction on topics ranging from crime scene investigation, dealing with child abuse and the enforcement of drug and alcohol laws.

“She was a joy to have in the class,” Lewiston Patrol Officer Thomas Murphy said.

Murphy plans to take Landry on a ride-along in his cruiser this summer and make her his partner for a day.

The recent academy class had 23 graduates. Landry attended every class, arriving early each night, Murphy said.

“I loved it,” Landry said.

She was fascinated by a discussion of arson and liked the personal safety pointers she picked up in a session on self-defence.

“You have to watch yourself,” she said.[/quote]

it’s never too late to learn :ok: