Assalamu alaikum

I am confused when I see numbers written in words, such as 3ejbek, ittjr7 or nehma9. Can some one let me know what the numbers stand for? Is there a link which provides information on this?

Of course. First check these general indications we had posted on the website. And let me inform you about what other numbers stand for in chatting and SMS languages, many people use them, and it’s good to know about them:

3 = [large]?[/large]. (That’s 3 looking at the mirror)
3’ = [large][/large]
7 = [large]?[/large] [They do look alike]
7’ = [large]?[/large]
8 = [large]?[/large] [H in home, an Arabic “h” lying down]
9 = Moroccans use it for [large]?[/large], but others use it for:[large]?[/large] [Flip 9 to the right side, and it will become the Arabic letter]
9’ = [large]?[/large]
6 = [large]?[/large]
6’= [large]?[/large]
2 = [large]?[/large] [The hamza in all its forms]

But you better stick only to 2, 3 and 7. These are the most used and the ones we use in here, the rest are very confusing.

I hope this helps.

Assalamu alaikum

That helps a lot. Thanks. Shukran!