Assistance required - translation from English to Darija

Help… i’m lost in translation!

  1. Impossible is nothing

  2. Although it seems to be impossible, it’s worth trying

Thanks in advance for the help in translating :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile:

Hmm… I’d say lmosta7il rah walo.
For nothing is impossible it’s 7tta 7aja mashi mosta7ila.

Wakha bayna 3liha mosta7ila, katsta7qq n7awlo.

shukran bezzaf…

I’ve wrote it down in my notebook, so i could memorise it…hehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you familiar with the Arabic alphabet? It would be better for you if you don’t find your way with my transcription.

Yup, am familiar with the Arabic alphabets and the pronounciation too.

Here then in the Arabic script:

lmosta7il rah walo = [large]??? ??? ???[/large]
7tta 7aja mashi mosta7ila = [large]??? ??? ??? ???[/large]
Wakha bayna 3liha mosta7ila, katsta7qq n7awlo. =
[large]??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???.[/large]