Assalmu laikom

I am learning basic arabic and see that morrocan arabic is so diffrent, how do i learn this and can i get help translating informations as I will be part in a moroccan family inshaAllah

allah ybarek fikoum, moubalagh khti Zakia allah yesla7 lik weldek :smiley:

mabrouk ,chekoune li wled?

lach katsawli nti ma radich tsali man had tbargig dyalk

khti li waldat :slight_smile:

9il 3lik Hanae

I understand some words but i know that the meaning changes so quickly with spelling, trying to wrap my head around arabic what is the suggestion, in where to start with Morrocan arabic should I learn french first???

sorry I didnt know how this posted 4 times know that is not my style seems i will post this do the other subject to get the answer learning my way around a forum shokran! :wink:

Welcome the forum.
I deleted your other duplicate posts, and moved this topic to the translation section. Please do not post the same request several times. One post is enough, and hopefully someone will pass by and help you.
Thank you.

thanks again! ill tame my happy clicker finger :okay:

wowwwww thats some pretty intense stuff monique. if you have an interest in moroccan darija you should start on some lessons in the forum! welcome here.

inshaAllah thank you! can you please explain intense?