Asilah ya Asilah

I found this nice video made by Paperbird.
Enjoy the tour (although a fast one) in beautiful Asilah.


Good job, Paperbird! :okay:

[quote=Paperbird]Oh mu God :blink: Thank you, i didn’t expect it !! amazing from you :okay:

That was in January/February 2008, i had my Digital camera with me there, & i just went crazy with it.
& the results were : 1050 pictures of every “shber” in Asilah !!!

I also made another one about history here’s it :^^:

Are you sure he made it? it looks professional to me lol i kid, good job brah! :okay:
tbarakallah, it seems you have mastered the art of video making :wink:

goooood job :)!

ohhh ! i thought this thread wasn’t recovered…just paid attention now,

Thanks ladies for the compliments :slight_smile: that’s Asilah <<< my first true love :wink: